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2014 Performing Arts Intensives

Each term it is wonderful to return to Halls Creek and Carnarvon and feel the energy that a Girls from Oz intensive creates at school and in town. Our term 4 visit is usually the busiest and most exciting with selections for the travel program being finalised and all girls consolidating their learning from throughout the year.

It’s also a time when the girls and the g-oz team can reflect on the year’s work and the relationships they have built; many of the girls have commented that they are closer with their classmates and even across year levels as a result of their participation in the program.

In 2014 the girls in both of our programs prepared the song “Pay Attention” to perform in school and on the g-oz trip. “Pay Attention” is a gospel song written for the movie Sister Act II and it was wonderful to spend time exploring the song’s themes with the girls.

"If you wanna be somebody
If you wanna go somewhere
You better wake up and pay attention"

For the first time we also encouraged the girls to take the extra brave step of singing a solo and many of them were up to that challenge. In the end Chantelle from Carnarvon and OoenS-Tae from Halls Creek sang the solos beautifully in performances in Adelaide and Perth.