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Instructors inspire engagement in Carnarvon and Halls Creek

August saw two g-oz teams travel to Carnarvon Community College and Halls Creek District High School.

In both schools the teams worked with Primary School children and Secondary School girls; in Halls Creek we reach even younger working with 2-4 year olds at the Little Nuggets Early Learning Centre.

Engaging the teachers with the program is an important part of our Performing Arts intensives and in August it was great to have a number of teachers at each school participate in g-oz led Performing Arts Professional Development. Being part of the communities that we work in is very important to us so every opportunity to collaborate is welcome!

In November we will select a group of students to travel from Carnarvon to Adelaide, and a group from Halls Creek to Perth, as part of the g-oz travel program. Together with the g-oz teams, all of the girls started learning the songs for the performances that will be presented in each city.

In Halls Creek the girls in Years 5 and 6 even got to practise performing while we were there. The girls sang in front of their teachers, peers and parents at their ‘Take Pride’ assembly. It was moving to see the girls taking pride in their performance and building their confidence for the end of year!