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Travel Program

After g-oz trips to Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, early November saw our first visit to Adelaide! Eight g-oz participants from our Carnarvon program were excited to be selected to travel to the City of Churches for five days of workshops, sight-seeing activities and performances.

Angie, Chantelle, Coen, Danika, Ilike, Khiyanne, Nancy and Tina are in years 8, 9 and 10 at Carnarvon Community College and have all been singing and dancing with g-oz in sessions throughout the year. They also all met school attendance and behaviour goals as part of the criteria for selection. Later in November, eight girls from Halls Creek travelled to Perth. Joan, Khailey, Madison, Nikayah, OoenS-Tae, Sandi, Shaneal and Siobhan are in years 5 – 9 and they too participated in sight-seeing, workshops and performances.

A key aspect of the g-oz travel program is the opportunity for girls to meet and be hosted by Australian Girls Choir families. Our trips this year were no exception with AGC choristers Chanel, Chyna, Ella, Ila, Jessica, Mairi, Meika, Natasha and their families welcoming the g-oz girls into their homes. It is always wonderful to watch relationships blossoming between the g-oz girls and their new AGC sisters!

In Adelaide the girls enjoyed a gospel singing workshop with Charmaine Jones founder of the Adelaide choir 'Gospo' and Larissa McGowan at Australian Dance Theatre. They also visited Tandanya (National Aboriginal Cultural Institute), Glenelg beach and many hundreds of Adelaide shops! The girls' second favourite activity - second only to performing at the Australian Girls Choir Annual Concert - was Dragon Boat racing with the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy! The girls were philosophical about their losses: "It was those two boys from Whyalla who didn't work as part of the team."!

The Halls Creek girls had a busy itinerary too, joining 24 senior AGC choristers from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney for a week long tour of Perth. Highlights of their week included workshops with contemporary Indigenous dancer Justina Truscott as well as at Yule Brook College and Cecil Andrews Senior High School, a mentoring session with AIME as well as performances at Northbridge Piazza and at the Australian Girls Choir Perth Annual Concert. The girls also managed to fit in some fun and games at Bounce Inc and the Cockburn Ice Arena.

There's no question that the highlight of the trips - for the girls and their proud host families - were their performance at the Australian Girls Choir concerts at the Adelaide Town Hall and Perth Concert Hall. Each group performed 'Pay Attention' with the Performing Choir and delighted the audience with their nervous energy, beautiful singing and smiling faces. The g-oz team can't wait to see what these girls can achieve next year and beyond as they keep building their confidence!