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Our first trip to Lockhart River!

The g-oz team embarked on a seven day adventure to the northern most town on the east cost of Australia, Lockhart River.

With this marking the first time we have travelled to the east coast of Australia to deliver a performing arts intensive, we partnered with the Puuya Foundation to implement a program to enhance opportunities for the children, girls and young women of Lockhart River.

With the sun shining, the g-oz team spent July 17-23 singing and dancing with the children of Lockhart State School and met some amazing people doing wonderful work in the Lockhart River community along the way. Thank you to Denise Hagan, the founder and CEO of Puuya who was a wonderful host and support and linked g-oz up with as many women and community leaders as possible!

Our trip included:

  • Meeting the fantastic women of Kuunchi Kakana (pictured above), Moira, Rebecca, Leandra and Tanya. Kuunchi Kakana is the 0-4 year old program run by the Puuya Foundation. g-oz sang and danced with the kids and their Mums each day.
  • Meeting the leader of the youth program in the town, Krystal. g-oz Instructor Jess ran dance workshops with her and a small number of girls each afternoon. The town is full of wonderful dancers, many of whom are part of the award-winning Lockhart River cultural dance group.
  • Meeting Siobhan Jackson, the Principal of Lockhart State School. Siobhan is a true believer in the value of arts education. Our time with the teachers on Friday’s public holiday was fun and very beneficial. 14 teachers actively participated in the singing and dancing workshop!