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We reached our target!

Girls from Oz had from February 2 to May 29 of this year to raise $25,000 in order to access matched funding from Creative Partnerships Australia.

It was a wonderful fundraising process and we greatly appreciated the generous support we received from our regular and first time donors. We were fortunate enough to have a high level of engagement and an abundance of support from the Australian School of Performing Arts community who continue to be champions for g-oz.

From Music School gold coin weeks, to 'Pyjama' themed fundraising nights to 'Teacher Sing Offs', g-oz has managed to surpass our $25,000 target to reach $38,386. We couldn't be more thrilled with this achievement and are so very grateful to everyone who has been able to double their contribution by donating to our campaign. Thank you to everyone on behalf of the g-oz team!