“It makes my heart sing to recall my first meeting with the girls in Halls Creek in 2010; some were so shy they hid under their desks, but of course they couldn’t resist joining in our enchanting, vivacious conversations. It was the beginning of a special relationship in my life and opened up memorable experiences for them and for me. During my first year as Patron (2015) I saw the girls perform at the Perth Concert Hall. I watched them as they engaged, with ease, with government representatives and business people afterwards and I marveled at the independent decision of two girls to make a speech at the interval event.”
The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO
"The Girls from Oz are simply amazing people with skills that are rarely seen outside capital cities. Carnarvon is a long way from anywhere and for our girls to be exposed to the Arts is brilliant. What is of more significance is the social and emotional education that they do with the students. They coach the girls to be happy, building their self-esteem and resilient using dance and singing as a tool. They interact in the most accepting and caring manner that students respond to. The girls know that Girls from Oz care about them as people first and foremost." Rosemary Paterson, Principal – Carnarvon Community College
"I was delighted to see the Girls from Halls Creek and Carnarvon having the opportunity to perform to a huge audience in one of the great Concert Hall's of the world. The Girls sang with great accomplishment and obvious joy that would have made their families so proud of them. Having met them after the show I was very impressed with their professional approach, warmth and comradeship these are Girls with bright futures and my congratulations go to all involved including the AGC staff and the Schools involved in the program."
Duncan Ord, Director General – Department of Culture and the Arts
"The girls were just gorgeous and blended into our lives and week so well.  It was so delightful to share this amazing experience with them, and I felt so proud of them when I saw them up on stage singing at the Annual Concert."
Fleur Fitzpatrick, Carnarvon Host Parent 2015
“The most significant thing that the Girls from Oz program results in is an increase in the girls’ confidence.“
Gemma Hardiman, teacher – Carnarvon Community College 
“…the effects on the individual girls who get involved and especially those who do travel and are billeted out are very clear to see – and I think it is fantastic for the AGC families who get to meet and interact with our girls – communication is the key to cultural understanding from both sides. Our girls (on their first visit) come away with almost a “can’t believe it” response to the fact that they were made to feel part of the families they were billeted with. The girls’ family histories (stories passed down) and their first hand experiences had often led them to believe they would not be fully accepted by non-Aboriginal families. Without exception their experiences of the billeting process has been overwhelmingly positive. So good for everyone!”
Dianne Tomazos, Deputy Principal – Halls Creek District High School
(Girls from Oz) is really good. I really enjoy it. I'm always so excited when I hear that Girls of Oz is coming. It's really fun. They don't just target one specific thing, it's not just about singing. It's about dancing, acting and all that type of stuff…It brings people out of their comfort zone.
Chantele Weber, g-oz participant – Carnarvon Community College
“It's nice to see the spark in the girls that are looking forward to actually going somewhere and doing something.”
Merrill Ridgley, teacher – Carnarvon Community College
“It gives them a lot of confidence, it encourages them to be more than what they are and makes them feel that they are capable of anything.”
Michelle Ellis, parent of g-oz participant
“(The most significant thing for me is) being together. It's being in a team and working together - it's just so much easier to do things. It pushes your boundaries.”
Christina Stephenson, g-oz participant – Carnarvon Community College